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Social Media Policy

Formificio Romagnolo uses social media for information and promotional purposes on its products, as well as to facilitate a direct relationship with its customers.

The social channels are managed by the Social Media Manager, in agreement with the Sales Managers and the Company Management.

This document defines the guidelines ("netiquette") for the correct use of Social Media.

Such use takes place in compliance with administrative provisions and legal regulations.


Formificio Romagnolo is currently active on the following social platforms:


Additional accounts relating to Formificio Romagnolo, on the date of update of this document (indicated at the footer), will not be considered "official" and/or managed by the Company.

Social profiles of managers, employees and/or collaborators of Formificio Romagnolo are managed exclusively in a personal capacity.



The texts, images and videos inserted in the social channels of Formificio Romagnolo, excluding content shared by third parties, are to be considered company property.

Where provided, it will always be possible to share posts by third parties, using the common methods of various Social Media.


Rules of use

Formificio Romagnolo, within its social profiles, asks its interlocutors, who can actively participate through forms of interaction such as comments and messages, posts, stories, insertion of images/ photos/ videos, taking into account that anyone posting on a Social Network is responsible for the content and opinions it expresses, respecting some simple rules. First of all, we ask you to present your opinion with fairness and measure, respecting the opinions of others.


In addition, the following shall not be tolerated:

  • insults, profanity, threats or attitudes affecting personal dignity, the rights of minorities and minors, the principles of freedom and equality or other constitutionally recognized principles;

  • content discriminating on the basis of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, belief, age, marital status, status in relation to public assistance, nationality, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation;

  • sexual content;

  • advertising, solicitation to trade;

  • conduct or encouragement of illegal activity;

  • information likely to compromise public or private security;

  • content that violates the interest of legal property (copyright) or third parties;

  • content that presents sensitive data in violation of the Privacy Law


 They are also discouraged and/or subject to moderation content of the following genres:

  • not relevant to the published topic (off-topic);

  • comments for/against political campaigns and/or indications of vote;

  • offensive language or content;

  • repeatedly inserted content, spam;


All the contents indicated above will be considered both in case of direct posts and any links/links to third-party content.



The moderation activity of the social channels of Formificio Romagnolo will always be active from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00. Any request received in the non-working days will still be monitored and taken over.

Response times may vary depending on the type of request; not everything can be resolved through social media channels, but everything will be done to indicate the best solutions in the shortest time.

In addition to the moderation of posts and content, for those who repeatedly violate the terms of this "Social Media Policy", the staff reserves the right to use the "ban" or blocking to prevent further action and to report the user to the managers of the platform and, where appropriate, to the police.



Formificio Romagnolo informs that the personal data freely provided in the institutional social media will be processed, as Data Controller, for the sole purpose of commenting or checking the requests and/or observations of users. To exercise your rights, please contact the Privacy Office, sending an email to:

For the processing of Ownership of the managers of social media please refer to their own policies.


Formificio Romagnolo does not intend to collect or use the specific ID, e-mail or other personal information of its followers.


Any sensitive data posted in comments or public posts of Formificio Romagnolo channels will be removed (see sections "Rules of use" and "Moderation") as soon as possible, while the data shared by users through private messages, sent directly to the channel operators, will be treated in compliance with Directive (EU) 2016/680 of the European Parliament (General Data Protection Regulation), as well as Italian privacy laws.


Users are advised to consider with particular attention the opportunity, in their interventions, to enter personal data, including the e-mail address, which may reveal, even indirectly, the personal identity and/or third parties, such as, for example, other people in common with the author of the post. Please note that the data and interventions entered will naturally be visible and accessible by any user who accesses the social network, indexable and also available from general search engines.

Please also evaluate the opportunity to post photos or videos that allow you to identify or make identifiable people and places.



Users can report (for example, to report abuse or violations) to the Social Media Manager:

Tel. 0543732118


Data controller for personal data: Formificio Romagnolo S.p.A. - Via Andrea Dragoni, 43/45 - Forlì (FC)


The following provides links to the Privacy Policy of the various Social Media used by Formificio Romagnolo:

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